Elaine E. Sherwood
When All Else Fails
Your past does not dictate your future.

For All Time

Welcome to my website!
I'm Elaine E. Sherwood, author of The Sweet Ever After Trilogy. Book one is When All Else FailsAll That  Matters is book two, and book three is For All Time.

Here are some random thoughts about my books.

I think every reader can identify with at least one of my characters. After all, few people have led perfect lives and everyone is trying to find happiness the best they can.  If you like heroes and happy endings, the types of books that make you feel good after reading them, my books are for you. I consider them to be grown-up fairy tales.

Everyone has struggles. No one truly goes untouched by evil and darkness. I think we all want to feel like our pain is leading to something greater. We want to feel like justice will be done. Unfortunately, that's not the way it always works. So I guess this series of books is a little bit of personal wish fulfillment. Reading them can be a sort of cathartic release for all of us who crave to see the good guys win and the bad guys face justice.

Romance novels are always popular. However, my stories are for the more mature adults who are looking for books about deeper relationships, not just throbbing manhood and quivering mounds of flesh!

I want the reader to feel something: happy, sad, excited, mad, disgust. I want to touch emotions with my writing. I want readers to know that no matter what they have experienced in the past, the past does not have to dictate the future. We all have choices. Some choose to do nothing to help themselves; that's still a choice.

Some of the characters in my books turn horrible past experiences into positive outcomes. Other characters let their backgrounds propel them into hate-filled, unhappy lives. Which kind of person are you?