Elaine E. Sherwood
When All Else Fails
Your past does not dictate your future.

When All Else Fails: Book One of the Sweet Ever After series

When All Else Fails: Book One of the Sweet Ever After series
by Elaine E. Sherwood

It's one of life's most bitter and unavoidable lessons: bad things happen to good people. However, it is the choices we make after such catastrophes that really matter. Survivors move forward.

For Kathy Ann Martin (Lauren Ann) and Bryce Peterson, whose young lives were darkened with cruelty, tragedy, and abuse, it's a lesson they learned early on. Both chose to become good, decent, loving individuals who did not give up and eventually discovered that When All Else Fails...love wins.

Kathy's once-ideal childhood was suddenly shattered by tragedy, and she was cast into the callous waters of the foster care system. Terrified and alone, she embarks on a grueling journey to adulthood. Scarred both physically and emotionally, her heart remains closely guarded as a survival strategy.

Due to circumstances beyond her control, and to save her life, Kathy must enter witness protection. She works hard and becomes a doctor. Dr. Lauren Ann Reynolds, "Ann" as she wishes to be called, eventualy meets Bryce Peterson.

For Bryce, a forgotten child from an abusive family, whose own path has been littered with sadness and crushing disappointment, a loving family of his own seems like a far-fetched dream.

But now, against all odds, these two damaged souls have found each other. Perhaps, for the first time, they both dare to hope that from the twisted wreckage of their lives, a miracle might emerge. Can they discover true love- something they never believed was possible?



All That Matters: Book Two of the Sweet Ever After series
by Elaine E. Sherwood

When a nemesis from Ann's past reemerges, the happiness and security she and Bryce have found together is threatened to the point of destruction.  Will loose threads from Ann's former life unravel her future?

Book two is about the continuing struggles of Ann and Bryce Peterson as they reconnect with individuals from Ann's past; some positive, some with devastating consequences. None of these experiences cause them to harden their hearts. On the contrary, they open their home and their hearts to other lost souls and their unorthodox "family"continues to expand.

In this exciting sequel, readers are introduced to several new characters who go through their own hard times and come out on the other side as better, more caring individuals.

Other characters suffer during childhood and allow those experiences to turn them into wicked, hateful, hurtful individuals.

There is always a choice...


For All Time: Book Three in the Sweet Ever After SeriesFor All Time

by Elaine E. Sherwood

A young woman is viciously murdered leaving her two young children alone to face the harsh realities of life. Both injured by the same man who killed their mother, they are further traumatized when they are used as a pawn in a scheme to extort money from one member of the Peterson family.

An important dance competition sees the family confront enemies from their past. Who will be the victor?

Ann and Bryce Peterson have weathered unthinkable trials and it seems all is well for now. They have no idea their greatest challenge lies ahead. The couple’s mettle is truly tested when a complication they never expected threatens to destroy the very relationship upon which the family and Peterson Enterprise is built.

A natural disaster results in irreparable damage to Vincenzo's Restaurant and Ballroom. Can the family survive yet another tragedy?