Elaine E. Sherwood
When All Else Fails
Your past does not dictate your future.
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My books are being presented at the 2014 New York Library Association Book Fair on November 6-7 2014, Saratoga Springs, NY

There are five industries that will hopefully be impacted:

1.      The General Audience

2.      Retail Bookstores

3.      Libraries

4.      Media

5.      Traditional Publishers/Literary Agents


Library Facts and Figures

 ·         There are over 139,000 libraries of all kinds in the United States today.

·         In the past decade, visits have more than doubled to 1.2 billion per year— with 1.7 billion items borrowed per year.

·         Seven out of every ten Americans say they use public libraries.

·         Five times more people visit U.S. public libraries each year than attend U.S. professional and college football, baseball and hockey games combined.

·         U.S. libraries purchase an estimated $14 billion in goods and services annually.

·         For every tax dollar invested in public libraries, there was an average return of more than $4 in benefits to patrons, the community and the economy.

·         Libraries employ around 350,000 librarians and other professionals, paraprofessionals, clerical and technical personnel nationwide.

·         Since 1965, more than 60 education and library studies have produced clear evidence that school library media programs staffed by qualified library media specialists have a positive impact on student academic achievement.

o Three statewide studies – in Alaska, Colorado and Pennsylvania – show that a strong library media program helps students learn more and score higher on standardized achievement tests than their peers in library-impoverished schools.

Bridging the Digital Divide

 ·         African Americans and Hispanics are twice as likely to use library computers as Asian Americans and whites.

·         In 1996, only 28 percent of public library systems offered public Internet access. Today, thanks to increased resources and the E-Rate, more than 95 percent of library buildings offer public access computing, and 14 million Americans regularly use these computers at no fee.

·         Families making less than $15,000 annually are two to three times more likely to rely on library computers than those earning more than $75,000.